Our “Endangered” collection aims to not only bring awareness to the fact that many species face extinction, but to perpetuate their existence as well.

Each piece in the collection is meant to convey the aesthetic beauty of an endangered species. Through the uniqueness of each portrayal, we aim to emphasize what is at stake, highlighting that multiple forms of natural beauty could be lost forever.

But an aesthetic loss is only one of the detrimental effects caused by the extinction of a species. When an entire species disappears, chances of discovering products in nature that can benefit humans become remote. Entire ecosystems could become dysfunctional as well, leading to a further reduction in biodiversity.

However, simple awareness about the problem can prevent it. The biggest factors that lead to population decline in the natural world are poaching and habitat destruction. Mindfulness would reduce our contributions to these causes - learning about the origins of the products we use and consume everyday like food, clothing, and furniture and avoiding those produced at the cost of endangered animals would play a huge role in mitigating the problem.